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The Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (CIPSAN) is the professional body that has made the most effective contributions to the National Economic Development in the country. In the year 2002 CIPSAN President Professor Mufutau Adeniyi Adebowale urged the professional bodies in Nigeria to come together for the purpose proffering solutions to critical issues leading to adoption of effective policy by the Federal Government see Insider Magazine August 26, 2002 Page 43 and The Moment Dec 3, 2011 Pg 23.

Solution to Petroleum Product Scarcity

The tank farms being maintained now by the independent marketers of petroleum product in the country today is the brain child of Professor Mufutau Adeniyi Adebowale (CIPSAN President) under the auspices of CIPSAN. In the past, only the major marketers of fuel like Total, Mobil, Texaco, Elf had depots for storage of fuel and this hampered supply of fuel in the country. Long queues at filling stations all over the country were very common because the few depots available were not sufficient to provide buffer stock of fuel for the entire country. Buffer stock is needed to eliminate the possibility of shortage in supply. Actually servers were made to be inadequate and invariably long queue at filling stations became inevitable in the country. Initially it was seen as unthinkable for independent marketers of fuel to be allowed to maintain deports (tank farms) but Adebowale of CIPSAN has changed that belief.

More solutions to eliminate the perennial problems of fuel scarcity and hiccups in fuel supply have been recommended by CIPSAN. See Punch Sept 18, 2000; Nation Today Oct 1, 2000; Punch Feb 8, 2001; Punch Feb 22, 2001; Tribune June 20, 2003; Tribune Dec 25, 2007; Daily Sun Oct 21, 2011; Daily Sun Feb 9, 2012; PM News January 22, 2014; The Moment Dec 3, 2011; The Point Oct 29, 2017; Thisday Aug 30, 2017; The Point Jan 28, 2018 and many more. In fact, among the professional bodies in Nigeria, CIPSAN is the leading voice. CIPSAN is exceptional.


CIPSAN Champions the next generation of Purchasing and Supply Professionals and Passionate about making a difference. We help our members to expand their professional horizon, improve and gain a greater sense of accomplishment. You get access to the tools and resources you need to take on any professional challenge in Purchasing and Supply Management.

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